A Needle in the Haystack Collection

The collection that breathes the harsh yet pleasant air of Serra da Estrela, Portugal's highest continental mountain range.

This is our main collection and its importance derives from the homonymous project we started a couple of years ago, and that convey the necessity for by Stró to arise.

Every path starts somewhere: ours started in Serra da Estrela.

Because of our close ties to Serra da Estrela, we felt the urge to rescue one of its most precious goods from urban oblivion: the traditional slippers handcrafted with fabric scraps collected from textile mills in the region. These are slippers with soul; they were born from the primal need to give warmth and comfort to the people living on the mountain. These are unique slippers; they continue to be handmade in some tiny villages of Serra da Estrela by craftsmen with skilful hands, patience and wisdom. These slippers persist in being what they always have been: an ecological and sustainable art form. We will continue to ensure that this art is secure for the years to come, and that the manufacturing process remains the property of the people who inhabit the mountain.

The Needle in the Haystack Collection products are inspired by the people and traditions of Serra da Estrela. The traditional brown/cream wool herringbone pattern - know in Portugal as 'espinhado' has been reinvented in news colours and new materials carefully chosen. The traditional Papa blanket have been used for centuries by shepherds as shelter and protection during the harsh winters and is made of fleece from churra, an ancient Iberian long wool sheep breed. Its distinctive final look is obtained through a fulling and teaseling process, which makes the traditional Papa weaving extraordinarily thick, warm and comfortable. Our Papa products are made with the traditional techniques reinvented in new colours and new functions.

Every product in our collection carries with it a sense of the past that we believe to be timeless; therefore we never want it to be lost.

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                                                 Jute Collection

We have collected and transformed by hand original burlap sacks once used to transport agricultural goods into Portugal – mostly raw coffee and rice – from various distant places in the world. Every sack is made of the natural vegetable fibre from which the eco-friendly and resistant textile fabric known as burlap comes: jute. 

In our memory there still remains a vivid recollection of a not-so-distant past where all kinds of agricultural goods were transported in these burlap sacks. Nowadays they are almost forgotten, since transport is now being done with sacks made of synthetic raffia fibres. 

This is also our collection in which the whole world fits: from India, Vietnam and East Timor, through Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and Guatemala, to the Ivory Coast, Uganda and Angola, among other remote countries, all of our burlap sacks landed in Portugal. Our aim is to get them back to travelling to other places, but now as well-designed objects with other specific functions such as poufs, laundry bags, floor cushions, rugs or bags. 

The reuse and the new life that we give to these sacks, reflect our concern and our commitment to creating objects that are long-lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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                                               Costa Nova Collection

Costa Nova is a small fishing village situated on the northern coast of Portugal, whose origins date back to the early nineteenth century. 

The inspiration for our Costa Nova Collection came from Costa Nova’s typical and charmingly simple wooden houses – or 'haystacks', as they are locally known – and from memories of our own childhood, when we used to spend our summer days at the nearby beach. Originally built by fishermen to store their equipment, these 'haystacks' are painted with stripes of white and joyful colours – like the ones we have carefully selected for our handcraft products. 

The collection consists of traditional straw hats, cotton tote bags, beach towels, scarves, high quality wool blankets and traditionally bound notebooks. Everything with stripes. Everything handmade in Portugal.

There are 6 models of straw hat, and they all carry names that pay homage to the history and tradition of Costa Nova: Moliceiro, Salinas, São Jacinto and Bateira – unisex adult models – and Palheirinho and Bateirinha – the mini version of the Bateira model, handmade exclusively for the little ones.

The entire manufacturing process is done by hand, and the care and precision of its execution are apparent in every product.

From a partnership between by Stró and the brand Um Barra Um, also Portuguese, we are very proud to have in catalogue – in exclusive edition – our Costa Nova notebooks. The notebooks are handmade using traditional bookbinding methods and conceived just like our tote bags: the same proportion, the same 5 stripe colours and even the twill label sewed in exactly the same spot as on the tote bags.

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