Zero Waste Slippers (various options) — EU 41/42
Zero Waste Slippers (various options) — EU 41/42
Zero Waste Slippers (various options) — EU 41/42

Zero Waste Slippers (various options) — EU 41/42

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For more than a century, the brave people of Serra da Estrela – the highest mountain chain in Portugal - have been reusing the textile waste collected from the woollen mills of the region to make these unique slippers. Since 2012, we have taken on this truly ecological and sustainable legacy and made efforts to assure they could keep on being made locally with the same principles.

Layers of fabrics are carefully cut and overlapped until reaching the perfect thickness, with the layer at the bottom the strongest and roughest fabric to better absorb the impact of the ground and provide more friction. They can easily adapt to any foot, which makes them extremely practical and comfortable. Actually, after just a couple of days of use, you will feel that their shape is definitely yours – and no one else's! 

As a way of paying homage to this textile and cultural heritage, each pair of slippers bears the name of one of the various lands that define Serra da Estrela's landscape, so we wonder: which one will be yours?

Take a step towards another level of homy coziness at your home and feel the pleasure of owning an authentic pair of slippers, brimming with soul and character, and crafted by hand with Zero Waste.


100% Textile Waste

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How to care

Wash them sparingly but if really necessary:
Gently hand wash cold or dry clean
Do not wring or tumble dry
Hang it away from direct sunlight

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