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We went on a journey to the etymological root of the word linen to create this collection. Here we found a perfect parallelism between the sonority of this Latin word - Linum - and the remarkable strength coming from the fibres of this ancestral plant which is only fragile and delicate in appearance. Thanks to its numerous and virtuous textile properties such as durability, easy maintenance, breathability, versatility and extreme comfort, the use of linen is always a sensible choice in every season. Using a natural material with so many outstanding qualities, our Linum collection features carefully crafted items both for home décor and clothing - each conveniently available all year round. Linen’s culture in Portugal holds plenty of wisdom and ancient tradition regarding the growing, harvesting, weaving and usage of this eco-friendly natural material. We strongly believe that it is our duty to honour it by continuously making precious and timeless objects.
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