Stró shop São Mamede in LisbonStró shop in São Mamede, Lisbon, PortugalStró shop in Lisbon, Portugal


We are a sustainable Portuguese textile design brand that, since our beginning in 2014, has been slowly-making and producing simple, organic and timeless fashion accessories, garments and home decor pieces, using only natural raw materials.

It is in our Lisbon-based studio that we think, plan, design and open the way for new ideas to gain ground and be tested. It is where we make the samples to be industrially manufactured or handcrafted using the know-how of the skilled workers who, across the country, collaborate with us.



All of our production and supply chains are located in Portugal. The fact that our label says (Hand) Made in Portugal, makes us immensely proud!

Our small-scale approach to production allows us to quickly fulfil our commitments to suppliers, minimize production surpluses, avoid stock build-up and better control the finish and quality we impose on each piece that carefully leaves our hands, which is something extremely important to us.

Whenever possible, we prioritize production in the interior of Portugal, away from major economic and urban centres. Although this results in our small-scale productions, we do our part in contributing to stimulate the local economy and promoting access to fair work in areas of marked depopulation, while enabling us to create strong and lasting human ties.


We want to work and live our lives in an increasingly environmentally friendly world and, therefore, we only use natural certified materials. Our production surpluses, even though practically nonexistent, are almost entirely reused in the process of making products that need less fabric in their construction. Some of our products are only made possible through the recovery and use of textile waste, while others are only made from high quality vintage dead stock fabrics coming from the Portuguese textile industry.

All of these environmental and social concerns have been present in our DNA since 2014. The way we think and act made us, at the time and in Portugal, somewhat pioneers of a sustainable vision based on ecological, social and ethical principles. It is a vision that is also bilateral, in the sense that it defends both the way we produce, as the way we want it to be consciously consumed.

We are happy to acknowledge that the vision we share is nowadays an increasingly essential paradigm in our society. But let us not stop here. We aim to be better every day, which is why we look to the future of sustainability, and the circular economy, as a challenge yet to be conquered. With you always by our side.

© Photos by: Ivo Tavares Studio