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Stró shops Lisboa - local sustainable business

In recent years, much of our effort went into opening local and soulful shops in our city, Lisbon. Spaces that strived for originality and that were able to faithfully translate, through the carefully chosen materials used in the construction and the simple yet thoughtful solutions for the display, the sustainable and ecological ethos of our brand. It was, therefore, with great satisfaction that we have seen our shops gain immediate recognition and be included in the best guides as a must see in Lisbon.

As with other small businesses in Portugal and across the world, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 hit us by surprise and in a severe way. 

We are aware that overcoming all this economic turmoil, which the whole world is simultaneously facing, will be an enormous challenge. A challenge that we do not want, nor will we be able, to overcome alone.

Now more than ever, we need your support! If you are unable to visit our shops, choose small and sustainable brands like ours to make your online purchases. We work tirelessly because we firmly believe that we are bringing a positive change to the world. Let yourself be part of this positive change!

We are (always) online for you. Thanks for always being here for us.